Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Core Workout Tips

Core training
Core is probably the most important muscle group to train because a strong core increases your overall strength, but is often over looked. Most think of core training as strictly working on your “six pack” abs however there is much more to a strong core. A strong core can improve strength in every area because no matter what muscle group you are working your core is involved. The core group consists of 6 different muscle groups ranging from your mid to lower back, from your rib area down to your groin. Your “core” is made up of the following muscle groups.

Abdominal area:
Transverse Abdominus
Internal Obliques
Core Strength
Spinal area:
Rectus Abdominus
Lateral Flexion

Tips for training your core
Your back is part of your “core”. Be extremely careful when working your lower back because we all know how important our spine is. Reverse sit ups on a swiss ball is a great way to strengthen the core muscles that wrap from front to back, as well as Supermans. Weight is not necessary to strengthen this area. Strengthening these muscles will actually tighten everything up from front to back giving a leaner look.

Weight is not always necessary
When adding weights to your core exercises you are working on building the muscles in size, just like any other area. Adding weight is helpful but not always necessary so mix it up. Keep in mind building up the abdominal area will make it stick out more, so if you’re looking to be lean and not bulky don’t be too excessive with the weights, light weight for core will often do the job. I like to use weight every third core exercise in a routine.

Think core first
Do your core workout before the rest of your routine. Doing this will make you realize how important those muscles really are. Doing core before working other major muscle groups will keep those muscles burning throughout the rest of your workout.

Stability exercises make you strong. A strong stable core makes your whole body stronger and is extremely important for those participating in contact sports. Swiss balls are a great way to increase stability strength.

If you want to see the results to all the hard work you put into your core workouts make sure you’re eating right and doing your cardio…it’s the only way.

Ryan Jean
Own the Crease Contributor

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